Clean Green Protein Pancakes (Recipe)

food nutrition protein Jan 22, 2018

We present to you Clean Green Pancakes!

These things are amazing. If you haven't tried Clean Machine's "Clean Green Protein" yet, you are missing out. It is a game changer, in terms of nutrient density and quality - but beyond that the taste is amazing too.

We are huge fans and only advocate the best products out there, which is why we encourage you to try this out.

The best part?

Right now the creator of this amazing vegan certified product & brand, Geoff Palmer is running a special 55% off sale when you buy any product in their range. A buy one, get 55% off the second one. As a way to celebrate his 55th birthday for the month of January!

How cool is that? So if you want to add these amazing, tasty, nutrient dense pancakes into your post workout routine - go the the Clean Machine Site - using the code 'eabogo55' in the checkout to activate the deal.

Enjoy the recipe below. When you make it tag us @evolvingalpha and Geoff @cleanmachine so we can share it around!

2 servings (6 pancakes) 


2 flax eggs (2 tbsp ground flax seeds + 6 tbsp water)

1 1/4 cup plant milk, we use almond-coconut milk blend, but you can use whatever milk you like.

3/4 cup buckwheat flour

1 tsp psyllium husk

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 scoop clean green protein

pinch of salt



1 - Mix the flax eggs first 

2 - Add the plant milk and mix

3 - In a bowl mix flour, baking powder, salt, protein powder, and husk.

4 - Mix it all together, and whisk until it thickens a little.

5 - Heat up a frying pan, and make 6 pancakes



Macro breakdown: 2 servings

Energy 306cal

Protein 17.3g

Carbs 41.2g

Fat 8g

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