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Healthy, plant-based, and as many whole foods as possible.  Learn more about all aspects of nutrition here.


Train smart, train with intensity, and challenge your comfort zone.  Learn how to train for maximum results here.


How to inspire positive change in yourself and others.  Lead by a positive example, and a kind, compassionate message.

Our Signature Plant-Based Fitness Programs

Fat Apocalypse

8 Weeks of intense and effective fat loss on a delicious vegan meal plan & training plan.

We’ve helped thousands of people transform their bodies and their health on a plant-based diet.

From those who have been vegan for years, all the way to people who are just transitioning or curious about a plant-based diet. 

We can help you make the changes necessary to be healthy, strong and happy!


Vegainz 12 week muscle builder is your ultimate Vegan muscle building system.

This program is for anyone who wants to get strong and pack on muscle as a vegan on a plant based diet.

Fraser built this system based on over a decade of ‘in the trenches’ knowledge around the human body, the best rep ranges, exercises and training cycles to stimulate growth & strength. Coupled with strategic nutrition & nutrient timing that can be the real game changer in your results.

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