HEALTHY Vegan Snacks For Traveling & On The Go (Airplane Approved)

food Mar 30, 2016

There are plenty of vegan food options for traveling, but what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Probably nuts and dried fruit, right?

Great option and's also high calorie and high sugar.  And it's so little and snacky and you're so bored sitting on a plane/in airports/etc. that you end up eating a shit-ton of the stuff!

Now you've eaten a lot of calories're probably feeling a little bit constipated. (what? I'm just tellin' it like it is - you know it's true!)

So what do you do instead, if you want some healthier options?

Here are some ideas for you!

Healthier snacks that you can take with you while you're traveling (even on a plane)...



And lastly, I highly recommend you take this with you when traveling....

Here's the list again for you in an easy-to-print format :)

    • Roasted chickpeas
    • Packets of nut butter
    • Bags of chopped raw veggies + mini snack hummus packs
    • Packets of instant oats 
    • Fruits that have their own 'packaging' and can be eaten easily like bananas, apples, oranges
    • Kale chips (be careful of sodium dense flavors if you buy them!)
    • Nuts
    • Homemade snack bars like our Raw Goji Berry Bars or Lauren's Power Bars
    • Wraps - stuff these with lots of veggies because it is your best bet in getting them in and in packaging you can eat too! :)
    • Spring rolls
    • Quinoa or Lentil loaf…muffins!
    • Protein powder or meal replacement powders
    • Dried greens powders
    • Clif Bars, Vega Bars, etc.
    • And some good, vegan probiotics!

We hope that you've found this list helpful and that you have safe, adventure-filled travels! :)


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