The ONLY Reason Why You Failed To Achieve Your Goals In 2016

personal development Dec 31, 2016


I have good news and bad news -

The bad news: you probably didn't achieve everything (or anything) you wanted to in 2016.

The good news:  there's really only 1 very simple reason why you didn't - so it's an easy fix!


The ONLY reason you didn't achieve what you wanted to is because…


 Period. End of Story.


I've learned this the hard way myself, so don't feel bad.

The thing is, we have dreams of grandeur - and that is a GREAT thing!

Don't ever dumb-down your dreams to make things easier - that will never serve you, it will never help you grow as a person, and it will never make you happy.

BUT, especially in our current generation, we believe that we just deserve everything….just because….

And that just isn't the case.

The world doesn't owe you anything.

And big accomplishments, take a BIG amount of dedication and effort.


We underestimate what it will take to achieve our dream, so we do less than is necessary to accomplish it and then we are disappointed and mad at life when we don't get the result we wanted anyway.

So how do you fix it so that you don't make the same mistake this year?

Whatever goal you have set for 2017, at least double it.  Or as Grant Cardone would say, 10X it!

Make your goal way bigger than you originally anticipated. 

When you create a plan for that new, bigger goal…now you'll be closer to what it will actually take to have achieved the original goal in the first place. 

So instead of making "realistic" goals that don't inspire you, make your goals even bigger than you had planned. 

Because the truth is, the amount of work you will have to put in will be MORE than you think.


It's like the old saying...

If you want to earn $100,000 this year, make your goal $1 million instead!

Then create a legitimate plan -what would it take for me to accumulate $1 million? 

Then begin executing on your plan. 


You will have challenges and setbacks along the way. - But that's ok! 

Would you rather have a goal of $1 million and end up achieving only $500,000?

Or would you rather have a goal of $100,000 and falling short of that…yet again…and having zero character growth along the way?


Let go of your ego's need for having to "hit the (realistic) target" for validation.

Challenge yourself to go bigger, and I guarantee you'll be happier with where you end up, even if it is less - or more - than your target. 

It will change the way you think, the way you act, and the way you get results.

Go BIG in 2017! :)  Happy New Year!

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