Evolving Alpha Body Blueprint To Insane Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

Hey! Would you like to lose fat without losing muscle?

Or build loads of quality muscle the quickest, most optimal way?

Maybe get stronger, leaner, healthier, fitter...all of the above?

Did you know you CAN do all of that on a vegan lifestyle?

Yep! That's the TRUTH! As a coach, I've helped thousands of people transform their bodies and their health on a plant-based diet.

This book dives deep into plant-based nutrition not just for optimal health, but for maximizing muscle growth and fat burning potential (without too much science and more applicable, practical steps you can implement TODAY).

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- The Evolving Alpha Fundamentals -


CHAPTER 1: The Basics

CHAPTER 2: Let Go Of What You Think You Know
(Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamins/Mineral, Normality)

CHAPTER 3: Integrate “The New” & “Metabolic Flexibility”
(Test Your System & Biofeedback) + Biofeedback tracking chart

CHAPTER 4: What Macronutrients Will You Thrive On?
(Your Optimal Ratios)

CHAPTER 5: What Should Your Meals Look Like While Cutting?
(Suggestions for Ratios of Nutrients / Portion sizes)

CHAPTER 6: What Should Your Meals Look Like While Building Muscle?
(Suggestions for Ratios of Nutrients / Portion sizes)

CHAPTER 7: To Track, Or Not To Track Calories?
(The Plant Strong Approach To Tracking & Portion sizes)

CHAPTER 8: Non-Workout Day Nutrition
(Nutrient Timing and Nutrition On Rest Days)

CHAPTER 9: Workout Day Nutrition
(Nutrient Timing and Nutrition Prior/During and After)

CHAPTER 10: Refeeds/Non-Tracking Meals/Days
(Nutrient Timing and Nutrition On Re-feed Days)

CHAPTER 11: Carb Cycling/Carb Manipulation – Is It Necessary?
(How to Tweak Macros to lean out or build mass)

CHAPTER 12: Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle At The Same Time

CHAPTER 13: Intermittent Fasting & Fasted Training

CHAPTER 14: Gut Health For Maximum Absorption To Fuel Muscle Growth
(It’s about quality over quantity)

CHAPTER 15: Hormone Health For Maximum Gains & Better Fat Loss
(Optimizing your Software)

CHAPTER 16: Training Fundamentals & Vital Keys

CHAPTER 17: How Should You Structure Your Training Protocol?

CHAPTER 18: Supplementation


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