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The INTERACTIVE Coaching Companion To "The Plant Strong Bodybuilding Guide To Insane Muscle Growth & Fat Loss".

This interactive course walks you step by step through each chapter and each of the processes outlined in The Plant Strong Bodybuilding Guide Ebook. We provide all the TOOLS & TEMPLATES you need to customize your own Plant Strong Plan and provide VIDEO TUTORIALS to help you complete each step along the way.

We'll walk you through each step with videos and use each of these tools to customize your own plan:

  • #1 - "Menu Map Meal Planner"- Will help you customize your own meal plan templates with the right macronutrients, calories and meal timings to suit you, your goal, and your busy life.
  • #2 - "Food Options Archive" - Helps you perfect some quick, amazing recipes that suit you, your tastes, your goals and biofeedback (how your body reacts to foods, which ties into the next point)
  • #3 - "Biofeedback Assessment Tool" - Figure out exactly what foods you perform and feel best on -- and tailor them into your plan so you don't bloat, sleep better, have more energy and more mental clarity, less cravings -- all the while achieving those body transformation goals too.
  • #4 - "Personal Trainer Toolbox" - Helps you iron out an awesome, fun training plan with an easy to use template so you can design the kind of workouts you love and enjoy that will be time effective for you and give you the most bang for your buck, when it comes to transforming your body.
  • #5 - "Psychology Support System" - Provides you with a specialized, private group to ask questions, and keep you focused and on track [support is so important right?]

Essentially combining the book with this brand new online course, you will create a precise, clear-cut daily & weekly plan customized specifically for you -- with our help within a private coaching website that can be easily accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone!


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