Evolving Alpha 7 Day Vegan Challenge (Profits Donated to Charity)

This challenge has been designed to be a great starting place for anyone who is curious about a plant-based diet!  If you've seen the documentaries, heard how great it is for you, but are not really sure where to begin or what foods to eat - then this is perfect for you!

This challenge is 7 days worth of fun, creative, easy recipes for you to try, to get your foot in the door. We've also made sure the ingredients for these are global so you can do this no matter where you live in the world!  Here's a little sneak peak at some of the delicious foods included in this challenge (all recipes provided)...

And as a little bonus, you'll also receive a short video every day during the 7 days, motivating you, reminding you WHY you want to change, and giving you tips and ideas to take it further and ensure your success.

ALL profits from this challenge are going to charity!  The profits will go to different animal sanctuaries, rescues, and advocacy organizations.  

Our charity of choice is Rancho Relaxo!  We've chosen them because of how passionate and transparent they are with their rescue organization.  We adore Caitlin and know that the donations are all used to help their animals and to help them rescue even more!

Also, we are teaming up with other advocates who will also be able to share this challenge and any profits made from their referrals will be donated to an animal charity of THEIR choice!

And the price of the program is only $2.69 in honor of the "269" calf that was rescued from slaughter by animal activists in 2013 and has since become a legendary symbol for animal liberation.


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