10 Week Lean Bulk Macro Coaching Program (1 Time Only Offer!)


*This program is suitable for both men and women due to the customization aspects involved!

What's included:

1. Personalized Macro Plan from Lauren & Fraser

When you sign up you will send us the required details and we will customize your starting lean bulk macros.
Then you will send updates and receive updated macro adjustments every 2 weeks based on your 14 day results.  It is up to you to be consistent and actually follow your plan so that we can keep making adjustments and progress every 2 weeks.

2.  Weekly Meal Plan

- Tells you what foods to eat
- Does NOT tell you how much to eat - you have to use your own customized macro plan to determine your portion sizes of each food.  (we will have a lesson on how to do this)

3.  Weekly Training Plan for Building Lean Muscle

- Tells you what exercises to do
- Provides video demonstrations of each exercise
- Tells you how many reps and sets to do each day to achieve your goal.

What You Will Learn:

You will LEARN how to figure your portion sizes based on your macro plan.

You will LEARN how to track your food.

You will LEARN how to track your progress.

What This Program Is NOT: (Please READ!)

You will NOT be babied.
You will NOT receive custom foods based on what you “like or don’t like” - that is up to you - or purchase a custom plan instead and we WILL do that for you.

This includes email coaching in the format we provide focused on the task/goal at hand. It does NOT include phone calls, chats, or otherwise personal life coaching.

You WILL have to follow along with this program within the 10 week timeframe!
Prep Week will begin Jan. 29 (registration will be open from Jan 23 - Feb 2)
Week 1 of action begins Feb. 5 and will continue for the next 10 weeks.

***LIMITED spots available, so registration may close early when spots are filled!

***This is a variation of our Vegainz program, so if you have previously purchased Vegainz and are interested in this opportunity, please email us to Support@EvolvingAlpha.com and we will give you a discount offer for this program!  The training will be very similar, but the nutrition side is completely different.***


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