VEGAINZ 12 Week Muscle Builder

Welcome to the Signature Vegan Muscle building system. You've come to the right place to build serious Vegan Muscle.



What You Get When You Enroll In Vegainz


A No-Calorie Tracking Option with tasty Vegan Recipes


Weekly Macro & Calorie Adjusting System


Special access to Fraser & Lauren Bayley in the Closed Coaching Group


Fully periodized training split to maximize muscle growth


What supplements work best & when?


Psychology based videos to help improve execution & poor thinking habits


The Signature process in Vegainz that sets it apart


Week by week adjustments from your coach, Fraser in the closed group



"In February 2016, I came across an email from Fraser (I had signed up to plant strong fitness news emails, long before that), I don’t know why I opened it, I usually don’t, but I did. And I started crying, I was so tired of doing everything all on my own. My whole world is different now, because my point of view changed. Now I don’t even see the scale as a negative, but as a tool to guide me in the right direction, and I don’t obsess or stress about my weight. I don’t stress over food anymore, it has become fun again. During the 12 weeks, Fraser helped me increase my cals, and I ended up eating 3000 cals, WHAT!!! And I felt and still feel amazing. During my 12 weeks I ended up at the same weight that I started at, but I had gained 3,5kg muscle mass. Iost cm around my waist and hips and gained cm on my bicep, shoulders, thighs and calfs. One of the tools Fraser teaches you is to document your bio-feedbacks, that way Fraser and I quickly tuned my foods and macros, so I didn’t have bloating, I started to sleep better and my workouts got better. I am amazed how my body, just thrive so well on this type of workout, and how much food I can eat, without gaining weight ;) My goals changed doing those 12 weeks, it was still building muscle, but it ended up having more to do about my mindset, and how I look at myself. I am so much happier today, and Fraser have a lot to do with that, he helped change my life!"

Janni Nielson
Vegainz Alumni

""This spring I finally decided get serious about my strength and physique goals. After a quick chat with Fraser I signed up for the 12 week Vegainz muscle building program, with high hopes. It did NOT disappoint! I gained 16 lbs in 8 weeks and was the heaviest (and strongest) I've ever been - then the training shifted gears into fat loss mode. After the 12 weeks were up I was 5-6 lbs heavier than when I started with less body fat. As an ectomorph, the hardest part of the program was eating enough calories. Thankfully the coaching group is filled with ambitious, supportive, loving people pushing each other to be successful. Seriously, you cannot possibly realize the importance of this group until you start to interact - I have never experienced this type of support system before! Fast foward 4 months and I am still making gains in the gym using the techniques I learned from Vegainz. EvolvingAlpha is the real deal! Fraser and Lauren work with you on so many aspects including nutrition, training, and mindset. They have a unique approach that really works, and my life has definitely changed for the better since meeting them.""

Greg Warriner
Vegainz Alumni

Meet Nik Daniel

As He Shares His Vegainz Experience With You


Welcome To Vegainz.


I want to take a moment to reach out to you as someone who is clearly curious about my 12 week muscle builder.

This is a challenging program, rapid muscle building is never easy - but it doesn't have to be a unsustainable, painful process either!

In the 12 week program I break down everything I have learned as a Vegan nutritionist and gym junkie in a synthesized system ready for you to plug-and-play.

My main goal? To help you become the strongest walking billboard you can for this beautiful lifestyle we know as, Veganism.

Join me.


Question: What kind of macro splits do you follow?
Answer: It will vary based on you and your biofeedback. That is the best part we don't force a marcro split on you, we adapt food choices based on how you feel/how your body reacts.

Question: Is this suitable for men & women?
Answer: Yes! totally suitable for both.

Question: Will I get fat doing this?
Answer: In short, No! The goal is to create a state in the body where maximum muscle growth happens and that doesn't happen when we gain fat so it's a balancing act which is why you want help.

Question: Can I workout at home?
Answer: If you have a squat rack and adjustable bench, barbell and dumbbells you can - but anything less than that and you would need to get to a gym setting.

Question: What kind of support do I get?
Answer: You get 12 weeks access to our private, closed coaching group where we can guide & mentor you.

Question: Why Vegainz over other vegan bodybuilding programs?
Answer: Because Vegainz factors in BIOFEEDBACK which is digestion, sleep quality, strength, mood, cravings, mental clarity/focus and body composition shifts - we then adjust the nutrition & training based on your unique cues, which is a very unique aspect this program has that most others do not.

Enroll In VEGAINZ Today.

The best part is, you can enroll now and start at any time. Tomorrow, next week or next month. So pull the trigger while you are here, commit to a system that works and start when you are ready. Walking away now just burns up precious time spent not getting the results you deserve and want.


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